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"Alex Apartments" is a real estate managing company. We offer the alternative to hotels – comfortable apartments in the center of Kiev. For many years of working at the real estate market the company has taken the lead in the daily rental. In the process we’ve established long-term cooperation with many organizations of the countries in Europe and CIS, which are our constant clients.

Our purpose is providing the European level of service to guests in the best traditions of the Ukrainian hospitality. Taking care of the comfort of our clients we constantly work hardly at improving the quality of services provided and extra services. It’s pretty cozily in our apartments, and, that is the most important, there is an optimal ratio of the price and the quality. The ground rule of our work is loyalty and individual approach to every client. 


       Excellent service and appealing to all the desires are the basic characteristics for us when finding an apartment for our clients. There are apartments in our catalogue, which vary from economy class to elite class. The list of additional services we provide will help you to feel comfortable and enjoy spending time in the hero city Kyiv. 


Managing your real estate

The service of managing the real estate becomes more and more popular in Ukraine. And it’s not accidentally. The introduction of market relations in Ukraine and the growth of real estate objects lead to the question of effective using the real estate. Because the real estate is not just an object, that has its own price. The real estate can be constant source of income nowadays, but it can become a problem as well if the special measures of its handling and positioning at the market are not taken.


Advantages of the management company


The management companies have the following advantages:  

1.     staff (a manager, a plumber, an electrician, maids, lawyers, bookkeepers etc.), that is fully in charge of integrity and security of your real estate;

2.     connections (availability of established connections among the operating agencies, and among state agencies as well: BTI, notary, tax inspection and so on);

3.    experience.


It’s hard to form such a powerful team of specialists that would work purposely at managing of objects of your real estate, and such teams are formed over the years. When solving the problem of real estate it’s better to rely on experienced staff that have good connections and special education, isn’t it?